• 10 years to make it perfect and we are not going to stop improving.

    10 years to make it perfect and we are not going to stop improving.

    Our Socapex SL 419 series compatible connector.

    In 10 years of work and research we have never stopped improving our Syntax® SSX Series, in order to provide the best Socapex SL 419 compatible connectors. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality in terms of reliability and ease of use. Our R&D department pays extreme attention to details and materials involved, such as the special 6082 anticorodal aluminium alloy our shells are built with, which ensures extraordinary thoughness. The rounded edges of the female contacts preserve the integrity of the thermoplastic insulating inserts enabling easy contact insertion and smooth, almost seamless mating with the male connectors. Our armored contacts are indeformable and guarantee a stable and reliable connection over time. These are only a few examples of the thoughtful design of the SSX Series.
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  • Syntax® SSX   19 contacts up to 23amp each.

    Syntax® SSX
    19 contacts up to 23amp each.

    It's up to you to decide how to use them.

  • SSX connectors   Inline version

    SSX connectors
    Inline version

    We made it indestructible.

    Made of thick wall construction machined aluminium alloy

  • SSX connectors   Panel version

    SSX connectors
    Panel version

    Extremely reliable

    Super smooth and stable connection

  • Contacts

    High conductive
    alloy machined contacts

    Male or female, solder or crimp.
    Gold or silver plated

  • Locking rings

    Choose the right one for you

    Available for inline and panel version

    Locking rings
  • Protection caps

    IP67 waterproof

    For SSX male and female connectors

    Protection caps
  • Energy cables

    for SSX extensions and splitters

    The best choice when winding operations are intensive.

    Energy cables
  • SSX Multiway

    With 4, 6 or 8 way grommets

    The Syntax® proprietary solution for IP67 cable splitters.

    SSX Multiway
  • S2W 2- way
    splitter box

    with Syntax® SSX 19 pin connectors

    Silver-plated or gold-plated contacts

    S2W 2- way   splitter box
  • Our services for the industries

    Our services for the industries

    We give shape to your ideal connector

    Discover how our design team can turn your needs into an actual solution that perfectly suits your work. Let's design your new connector together.

  • Technical features

    Technical features

    SSX connectors

    The SSX 19-pin connector has been completely redesigned for stablest coupling and super fast wiring.